Pedro Sousa

Integrated Researcher

Pedro Sousa, PhD in Economics from ISEG, University of Lisbon, Portugal, currently serves as Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Porto (FDUP), where he holds the position of Director of the School of Criminology and is a member of the Scientific Council of FDUP, as well as the Representatives Board of the institution.
Pedro Sousa is an integrated member of the CIJ (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Justice) at FDUP. He has been the principal investigator or researcher in several projects (e.g., MiscRisk, InJUSTiceWar, Intimate Partner Violence Homicides, and Telecare Protection System Assessment), many of which developed in close collaboration with the Security System and Justice System agencies. His current research focus spans a wide array of Criminology topics, including the costs of crime, deterrence, economic and financial crimes, corruption, tax crimes, organised crime, criminal network analysis, domestic violence, and intervention programs in crime and justice. Employing quantitative methods and mixed methodologies, Pedro contributes significantly to the field, presenting findings at conferences and publishing in peer-reviewed journals.
He teaches in the Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology, Master’s Degree in Criminology, and Master's Degree in Law, courses on diverse subjects such as Statistics, Methodology, Criminological Analysis, Organized Crime, Economics, and Game Theory. His engagement in executive workshops, tailored for law enforcement officers with a primary focus on criminal network analysis, demonstrates his compromise with the practical application of scientific knowledge. He has supervised five PhD Criminology students, forty-two Master's Degree in Criminology students, and fifteen Master’s Degree in Law students.
Internationally, Pedro has served on the Executive Board of the European Society of Criminology and remains an active member of the society. He is a member of two scientific European Society of Criminology working groups: The European Working Group on Organizational Crime (EUROC) and The European Working Group on Organized Crime and Criminal Networks. He is also president of the Supervisory Board of the International Association of Portuguese Language Criminology (AICLP), of which he is a founding member.

ORCID: 0000-0001-8859-7195. CienciaVitae: 2A1E-17B1-955E.