YEAR 2024 No 2

ISSN 2182-9845

Data protection by design and default as a preventive legal obligation of home automation

Idoia Landa Reza


Home automation; data protection; certificate; data subject. 


Although the control of light, water, heating or blinds seems like part of a science fiction movie, it is already a reality. Therefore, the law must respond to the legal risks posed by the use of this technology. Not only to technical and security problems for the property or the user, but also those related to the fundamental right data protection of the data subject. The action of collecting and storing data automatically in a home has its risks; if a device does not have a sufficient security measure, there may be a security breach, which can lead to loss of control of personal data. A home automation system is made up of many devices that can be from various manufacturers. Therefore, it is necessary to identify a system that accredits the respect of the data protection throughout their entire life cycle.

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