YEAR 2016 N.º 2

ISSN 2182-9845

Proceedings of the International Conference “Business Associations in Iberian Peninsula”, Faculty of Law of University of Porto, 10th march 2016

Paulo Nunes de Almeida / João Pacheco de Amorim / Alexandre de Soveral Martins / Filomena Trigo Reto / Paulo Dinis / José Manuel Rodríguez González / José Neves Cruz / Paulo de Tarso Domingues


business associations; employers’ associations; associations’ capacity; business councils; establishment of business companies; business funding.


Despite the importance of business associations in Portugal and in Spain the studies about their legal regime are rare. There are several issues that should be approached on this topic, namely their role in the provision of services for-profit purposes and antitrust problems associated, given their legal shape.

The need of a Conference on this issue was unquestionable, and Faculty of Law of University of Porto was the appropriate location for its occurrence.

The CIJ (Centre of Legal Research) and AEP (Bussiness Association of Portugal) organized the Conference, under the guidance of Almeida, Cruz, Domingues and Reto. It happened on the 10th march 2016 in the Faculty of Law of University of Porto.

The central goal of the Conference was the critical analysis of the legal framework of business associations in Portugal and in Spain, joining in the debate scholars and practitioners.

Below are some of the communications presented in the conference, namely those of Almeida, Martins, Reto, Dinis and Rodriguéz.

(José Neves Cruz / Paulo de Tarso Domingues)