YEAR 2015 N.º 3

ISSN 2182-9845

Protection of popular culture and collective management organisations: appropriation of the commons and unjust enrichment?

Dámaso Javier Vicente Blanco


Privatización de la cultura; protección de la cultura popular; propiedad intelectual; bienes comunes; Convención de la UNESCO de 2003; proyecto de Disposiciones/Artículos de la OMPI, 2004-2014; apropiación indebida de la cultura popular; entidades de gestión colectiva (EGC); Directiva 2014/26/UE


Since the idea of privatisation of culture, protection systems of intellectual property deal with the treatment of expressions of popular culture. Existing instruments in this area are referenced (2003 UNESCO Convention), as well as the projected instruments (the WIPO Draft Provisions/Articles, 2004–2014).

This review also examines the nature of expressions of popular culture constituting the commons and examples of cases of misappropriation. Community rules of collective management organisations, through the Directive 2014/26/EU, do not address the problem, but might consider the possibility of attributing some control functions to the collective management organisations.