YEAR 2007

ISBN 978-972-40-3232-0

Law and Sports - Tax and Management Studies

Glória Teixeira (coord.)


Sports, Tax Law, Sports Management.


This book is another one of a multidisciplinary team of CIJ, around the subject Law and Sports.

These texts were presented at a conference organised at the Faculty of Law of the UP (FDUP), sponsored by the Rectory and by the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth. To these institutions, our recognition, and our acknowledgement to the large audience that had the opportunity in April 2007 to listen to us and exchange experiences.

This event had as main goal the presentation, to the scientific and professional community, of the research work in progress at CIJ and FDUP in the sports field, in its fiscal and sports management aspects.

As CIJ is mainly directed towards the legal and economic sciences, this work brings together various articles on taxation, the result of ongoing doctoral projects, and others specifically selected for the conference.

To all the researchers who worked directly on this project, my recognition for the high quality of the works produced. I’m sure that the public will welcome with great interest and attention the topics covered in this work.

Finally, to FCT we would like to express our gratitude for the support that it has provided to CIJ over the years.

Porto, 8 August 2007.

The Coordinator,
Glória Teixeira