CIJ Researchers Attended the Annual Conference of the International Society of Public Law 2024

On 10 July, CIJ researchers, Anabela Costa Leão, Graça Enes, Luísa Neto and Tiago Morais Rocha, attended the Annual Conference of the International Society of Public Law, the world's largest scientific meeting on public law, which took place in Madrid. The theme of the 2024 conference was "The Future of Public Law: Resilience, Sustainability, and Artificial Intelligence". 

The following communications were presented on the panel "Intelligence(s) and Innovation: building sustainable societies", organised by CIJ researchers:

  • AI, human rights and cultural diversity - towards more inclusive societies? (Anabela Costa Leão)
  • The digitization of the social state: possibilities and vulnerabilities in the aftermath of the health crisis (Angel Aday Jimenez Aleman, Universidade Complutense de Madrid)
  • Is AI governance in the EU overcoming or refining ordoliberalism? (Graça Enes)
  • Enhancing Public Administration as the collective intelligence for a resilient and sustainable society (Luísa Neto)
  • Algorithms and legal procedures – new technologies in asylum procedures (Sofia Pinto Oliveira, Escola de Direito da Universidade do Minho)
  • Elections, democracy, and the rule of law in the Age of AI (Tiago Morais Rocha)