External Advisory Board

Suga, Fumie

Fumie Suga is a Tenured Professor of Law at the Faculty of Economics, Hosei University, Japan, teaching Civil Law (General Part) and Contract Law since 2007 on the undergraduate courses, and teaching Law & Economics since 2013 on the postgraduate courses. She obtained her PhD in Law at the University of Osaka, Japan (2004). She also has a master’s degree in Law, University of Osaka, Japan (1996) and a postgraduate degree in Legal Research, University of Oxford, UK (2002). She was an academic visitor at the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, UK (2015) and at the Faculty of Law, Humboldt University, Germany (2016).

She is a domestic member of the committee, PC311 (Vulnerable Consumers)/ ISO since 2018. She has been involved in many projects organized by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. She is scheduled to become involved in the Consumer ADR organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government from February 2020 for the coming two years. 
Her main research fields of interest are contract law and consumer law, particularly focusing on the empowerment of vulnerable consumers through the methods required by the CRPD (UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities).
Fumie Suga has published more than 80 titles, including books, book chapters, and articles, most significantly in civil, contract and consumer law. In 2019 her latest book entitled “New Consumer Law---Constructing the legal system to empower vulnerable consumers in more inclusive way” is awarded a prize.