YEAR 2016

ISBN 978-989-746-099-9

Recent Transformations of Iberian Labour Law - Reason Book

Francisco Liberal Fernandes, Maria Regina Redinha


Labour Law



These texts are the cornerstone of the work produced in the meeting Recent Transformations on Iberian Labor Law (April, 7/8, 2016), held by CIJ's Labor Law Cabinet, under the cooperation protocol with Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

This Meeting, in addition to the fruitful exchange of knowledge on the topic, rehearsed for the first time, in the scope of Labor Law, a broader model of participation in the scientific debate by opening up the participation of the legal community with different types of interventions (conferences, communications and posters) and by peer review. In this regard, it should be noted the high response that young researchers gave to the methodology and to the subject of the Meeting, which enriched the renewal of the analytical perspective of the discussed issues.

The organisation is, so, grateful to the speakers, to the moderators of the various sessions and to all the participants. A particular reference should be made here to our colleagues at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, especially Professor Carolina San Martín Mazzucconi, whose presentation demonstrates perfectly that, as far as Labor Law is concerned, it is more what brings us closer than what keeps us apart (if anything really drives us away).

The organisation also thanks to the Board of the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto, Professor Miguel Pestana de Vasconcelos, Professor Helena Mota and Professor Maria Raquel Guimarães, for the support given to the initiative. For their commitment and dedication, we are also grateful to the executive organisation, particularly to Filomena Samagaio, Secretary of the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto, to Susana Silva and to Cláudia Garcia.

The meeting benefited from financial support from the Rectory of the University of Porto and from FCT – Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.